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a Modern Rustic Lighting (store) selling handmade lighting in the mountain modern decor style.

What is modern rustic?

The term rustic design is evolving. What previously brought to mind cabin and ski lodge replete with plaid blankets and antler chandeliers now evokes a more refined interior. Today's rustic style places an emphasis on natural elements, organic materials and raw textures. It is modern, simple and clean but with a warmth.

This rustic style works well with modern--as a mix of old to the new. Distinctive materials such as raw wood or metal with minimal stains or varnishes, simple rug choices such as jute or sisal, a balance of white and neutrals, and understated living spaces with minimal embellishments define the new rustic style. This comfortable style stresses a minimalist calm that relies on scaling down and focusing on just a few good quality things that feel pleasant.

Farmhouse Modern, Mountain Modern, Cowboy Modern are all derivatives of Rustic Modern. Combining hand hewn and handmade elements that retain their naturalness with the simplicity of modern design and furnishings creates an aesthetic that is accessible. For instance, pairing a wood farmhouse table with modern side chairs and a rustic metal chandelier is a mix that one would label rustic modern. Rustic redefined.

lodgelighting.com offers a great selection of metal light fixtures--hand-crafted, hand-finished and all in simple, elegant designs that merge with the modern rustic design style. Imagine one in the space at left. Perfect.
Copper Creek Chandedier - Urban Hardwood Table - Modern Classics Ghost Chairs

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Rustic Southwest

When we use the word rustic to describe our unique rustic ights, we are referring to a design style, not to the quality of the product. Each of our rustic light fixtures is handmade in Bellingham, Washington by our skilled employees who carefully follow detailed artwork, design and construction guidelines. Our lights are UL approved for both US and Canadian markets, which is important for safety and meeting local building code. All our metal artwork includes detailed outside edges and hand-cut interior lines to give it just the right rustic feel. We use heavy gauge steel, which is about the thickness of a CD or key. Our finishes are custom created, low-gloss, powder coated enamel or hand-painted patinas, which are unique among our peers. All this attention to detail give our rustic light fixture products a unique and handmade quality that is without equal.

Who we are

lodgelighting.com exclusively sells rustic lights made by Avalanche Ranch Lighting, who has been making rustic lighting fixtures for more then 15 years. This site to focuses only on the rustic lodge collection, which are suitable for the modern lodge look. Our desire to make fun, yet practical lights to bring something different to any room in your home, whether it be a log home, lake cabin or a traditional home in the suburbs. We are determined to be unique and different, determined to provide stylish lights, determined to deliver the highest quality and determined to meet or exceed your expectations in every possible way.

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